Medical Information Illustrated is a subdivision of Alila Medical Media offering health and science information fully illustrated with our extensive library of images and videos for easy understanding.

Alila Medical Media is based in the US and is founded by Alila Le, a scientist and a teacher.

Alila Le is a holder of a PhD degree and three Master’s degrees in various domains of Life Sciences. She also has many years of teaching experiences at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her illustrations and animations are easy to understand, straight to the point without any unnecessary details, yet informative enough to provide the whole picture and context of any anatomical features and medical conditions.

This website also offers free science/medical images from Alila Medical Media collection to students, teachers, educational institutes in developing countries and individuals with low income in other countries. When downloading images from this website you agree to our Conditions of Use. These images can be used for personal/educational non-commercial purposes ONLY.

For commercial uses of these images, please purchase them on Alila Medical Media website.

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